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Sarah Wayland, Ph.D.

  • Cognitive Psychologist
  • Resource Navigator
  • RDI Consultant
  • Parent



First Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask

Five-session workshop, First Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask, starting January 14th. This class is for parents and caregivers who want to more constructively cope with the stresses of raising kids and navigating challenges.

Learn more, and register here: Winter 2015 - 5 Session Workshop - First Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask.

Raising Your Challenging Child

Ten-session workshop, Raising Your Challenging Child: Foundations in Parenting, starting February 23rd. This class is for parents and caregivers of children (ages preschool through middle school) with challenging behaviors.

Learn more, and register here: Spring 2014 - 10 Session Workshop - Raising Your Challenging Child.

Does your child:

Exceptional parents know it can take a lot to parent these kids.

I can help.

My Special Needs Navigation Services will provide you with the resources and knowledge you need to confidently and effectively help your children. I know how to effectively navigate clinical care and educational systems, how to evaluate reports, and how to help you prioritize. With this information, you can avoid the anguish of lost time and the senseless waste of money.

As an RDI™ consultant, I work with parents to show them how to teach their children the essential skills that make relationships work. You will learn how to identify problems, and through a highly customized program that takes both your profile and your child’s profile into account, you will learn how to teach the missing skills. I also work with teens and adults to help them learn the skills necessary for making and maintaining meaningful relationships.

What are people saying?

"Sarah was able to look at the whole picture of my child.... Her knowledge, background and expertise was invaluable in that she could review all of the reports and evaluations and translate my child's needs into something that I could present to a school committee. After meeting with Sarah, I feel so much more confident to clearly articulate the areas in which my child needs additional support. She took the complicated jargon, broke it down and related it to an easy to follow process with the language I needed in order to work with the school system." J.B., Hyattsville, MD

"Sarah Wayland has been a wonderful support to our family - Mom, Dad, our 13 y/o daughter and our 12 y/o son both adopted from Russia. She offers true dedication and expertise as a coach towards helping our family achieve healthy, happy and productive relationships. We are very grateful to her." M & M, Potomac, MD

It's easy to get started.

To make an appointment, send e-mail or call (301-768-8503). I can give you the tools you need to be an exceptional parent to your exceptional child.